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Audio guide à deux, Presentation deux oeuvres d'art en lien avec Empire Britannique et Windrush Generation

Publié le 28/02/2024

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« Audioguide anglais, 2 œuvres en rapport avec Empire Britannique et Windrush Generation. Eleve 1 Hello there, welcome to the British Empire and Commonwealth Museum's exhibition dedicated to life in the colonies and the Windrush Generation. Eleve 2 We'd like to introduce you to some of the works that bear witness to the past of the British colonial empire. If you look to your left you can see the painting "The slave ship", from its full name: "Slavers Throwing overboard the Dead and Dying, Typhoon coming on" by painter Joseph Mallord William Turner. Eleve 1 Firstly it might appear to be a sunset over the sea, but a closer look at the details reveals the true nature of this work, Eleve 2 In the Background, you can make out the masts of a ship.

The sails are folded, the sea is tumultuous and the sunset is blazing. Eleve 1 This indicates that a typhoon is approaching.

In the Foreground we see many black, chained bodies and hands floating on the surface, slaves who have been thrown overboard by the slaver. They are being devoured by sea monsters and fish that we can make out through the waves. Eleve 2 On an artistic level, we can admire the contrast between the warm colors of the sun and the cold colors of the sea, Eleve 1 Turner emphasized a combination of human violence and nature. The suffering of black slaves is shown in this painting, and at the time, some slave traders obtained financial compensation for slaves lost at sea. It should be noted that this painting was accompanied by his unfinished and unpublished poem Fallacies of Hope, written in 1812 : Eleve 2 After the abolition of slavery and the independence of colonies such as India and Pakistan, black people suffered racism from their compatriots, despite their English nationality. Eleve 1 This is the case of the Windrush generation, Jamaicans who embarked on the Empire Windrush at the suggestion of the English government.

Once in England, they found it hard to integrate, Eleve 2 Absolutely, because in addition to a different climate from Jamaica, they were ostracized because of their skin color.

Today, they're threatened with deportation because they don't have identity papers, since they had a permanent right of residence, so they're treated like immigrants. Eleve 1 Which brings us to the second part of this exhibition, The Windrush Scandal, on the right you can see a cartoon by Patrick Blower. 'Windrush Generation deportation outrage' in the Daily telegrapj on April 18, 2018. From left to right, depicting the Windrush Generation's arrival, their work for the city, then their departure by boat. Eleve 2 The left side is grayed out, Jamaicans get off the boat, get their permanent papers of abode before taking the bus or subway.

Show on Big Ben "Worker Needeed Eleve 1 Then we move on to the right, a colorful side where Jamaicans get out of the subway and a building and are forced to take a boat. This boat, unlike the first one, which says Windrush, says Betrayal and at the contrast in the middle, the Jamaicans are working. Eleve 2 Through this cartoon, Blower shows the evolution of the Windrush Generation over 70 years (from Nineteen forty height to twenty eighteen). He exposes the hypocrisy of the government: after helping England, they are sent back to their country, branded as immigrants and traitors.

This is because of a measure taken by the Home Office, and its minister Theresa May. Eleve 1 This measure is a hostile environment policy for illegal immigration. Jamaicans of the Windrush generation are being denied medical care, jobs, and some are losing their homes. This led to the Windrush Generation scandal, which forced Theresa May, now Prime Minister, to publicly apologize. Eleve 2 Thank you for listening to this audio guide, I hope you enjoyed it and the works we presented. Eleve 1 feel free to visit the other paintings and testimonies of natives and colonialists, as well as the other parts of the museum, if you haven't already. (at the same time) We hope you enjoyed! Bye everyone ! Traduction Eleve 1 Salutations , bienvenue dans l’exposition dédié à la vie dans les colonies ainsi qu’à la Windrush Generation du British Empire et Commonwealth Museum. Eleve 2 Nous allons vous présenter certaines œuvres qui témoignent du passé de.... »


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