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The Battle of the Bogside : 12 august 1969 – 14 august 1969

Publié le 24/05/2023

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« The Battle of the Bogside : 12 august 1969 – 14 august 1969 The Battle of the Bogside refers to three days of riots that took place in Derry, Northern Ireland, from August 12 to 14, 1969.

These riots opposed the Catholic population of the Bogside district to the RUC.

These riots were provoked by a protest march taking place near the Bogside: the Catholics then barricaded themselves in protest against the demonstrators... British Army deployed to Irlande du Nord to restore control; Free Derry becomes a no-go area Bloody Sunday : 30 january 1972 It refers to the events of Sunday, January 30, 1972 in Derry, Northern Ireland, where 14 peaceful demonstrators were killed by British army fire.

This day was recorded as a black day in history, and caused a real outcry following this massacre of innocent people...

Ivan Cooper organized on January 30, 1972 a great peaceful march for equal rights between Catholics and Protestants.

London refused to let this demonstration cause trouble.

An important repressive device was put in place.

The police were deployed discreetly but in numbers.

Cooper decided to maintain this large gathering when he felt that the Catholic population was mobilizing.

There were 14 deaths ans 28 injuries. Bloody Friday : 21 July 1972 Bloody Friday.... »


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