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JANE AUSTEN (biographie en anglais)

Publié le 14/06/2023

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« JANE AUSTEN English writer Jane Austen was born in Steventon on December 16, 1775.

Jane Austen is one of England’s most famous writers and one of the most important writers of the pre-Romantic period.In 1797 he finished writing "Pride and Prejudice", his first novel, which was only published in 1813.

In 1798, he finished "Reason and Feeling", which was published in 1811, and "Northanger Abbey".

In 1801 she moved to Bath and there she began writing "I Watson", a work that remained incomplete.

In 1805 his father died suddenly and the whole family moved first to Southampton and then, from 1809, to Chawtown.

In the latter village, Jane devoted herself to reviewing the 3 novels she had already written, in anticipation of publication, and wrote 3 other novels: "Mansfield Park", "Emma" and "Persuasion".

In 1816 Jane Austen fell ill with an unspecified illness.

Austen died and was buried in Winchester Cathedral.

Her novels were published anonymously and only after the publication of "Persuasion", published posthumously, was her name revealed as the author of the works.During her life, she was an acute observer of human society: in fact, she possessed a great ability to read inside people.

Ironically, he explored human emotions and behavior. STYLE His novels are based on the assumption that there is a vital relationship between mores, social behavior and character.

The costume novel allowed her to explore people’s character, personal relationships, class distinctions, and their effect on human behavior, the role of money, and goods.

The plots of his novels are mainly based on the traditional values of the landowners' families and the upper middle class.The happy ending is a common element in his novels.

The author also deals with love and sexual attraction in her general opinion that impulses and states of intense emotion should be controlled by personal reflection.

The protagonists of her novels, after a crisis or climax, manage to come to terms with their feelings.

And it is precisely this conquest that allows them to assert themselves and to maintain their moral autonomy. PRIDE AND PREJUDICE Jane Austen’s 1813 novel tells the story of a wealthy young man from a good family, Charles Bingley, who rents an estate in Hertfordshire, causing havoc and discord among the girls of the village, who see him as a great match.

Bingley organizes a ball in Netherfield, where she falls in love with the Bennet family’s eldest daughter, Jane.

His friend Fitz-William Darcy despises both Lizzy, the second daughter, and the whole family, attracting their dislikes.

The Bennet family live in very modest conditions and Mrs.

Bennet, who is described as vulgar and tactless, puts her daughters in a bad light so that Darcy, seeing the friend destined for a marriage without prestige, tries to change his mind. He is determined to do this, but at the second dance of the month he falls in love with Lizzy, who however considers him a haughty and unpleasant person because of the rude behavior towards her during the dance.


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