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covid (essai en anglais)

Publié le 22/03/2022

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« Essay The covid pandemic and the lockdown really changed our life and the way we see almost everything.

The lockdown made us think about how much we miss our normal life.

For instance, during the pandemic, it was so thought to do anything in school due to the lack of motivation that if you wanted to keep going, it was necessary to have things that kept you going.

My top three thing that made me continue in those hard years, were outside activities, my friends, and the teachers. Firstly, outside activities.

During the lockdown, one of the hardest things was to be constantly with your close family and it can be difficult because our personal space got smaller since everyone was home all day.

To fix this and to take a break from being inside all day, my dad, my brother, and I walked twice a week.

Each time to a new place because the gas was so cheap.

This allowed us to visit new places every week and connect with nature.

It helps me go thru the lockdown by giving me a positive mood for the rest of the day.

It also gave me something to look forward each day. Secondly, my friends.

Another difficult thing was the fact that I could no longer see my friends at school or the weekends.

It really affected my mood because they were a big part of my day.

To stay in touch, we all start to play videogames together and I had I much fun that sometimes, I even forgot about the pandemic. Being able to talk to my friends even to it was not in person really made me hopeful about the future of the lockdown. Thirdly, my teachers.

The biggest impact of the lockdown was online school.

The fact that you had to sit behind a screen for 8 hours a day was so hard for me because not being able to feel or «touch» the course was difficult.

Luckily, my teachers were able to bring fun into online class to make it easier for us.

For instance, one of my teachers came in class with a costume to make things funnier. This type of teachers that kept the course interesting online made me keep my positivity up. In conclusion, the three things that kept me positive are my family, my friends, and my teachers.

The pandemic was very thought to live with, but it also brings a lot of new memories.

I cannot wait to read about it in my kids or grand kids history books in the future.. »


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