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Babel Earz, fiction object

Publié le 02/03/2024

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« The BabelEarz What is it and where is it from? The BabelEarz is a small device that is able to translate any language in the world. In the near future, this could become an everyday piece of technology that could offer an accurate translation of any language or dialect, which has never been achieved so far. This device originates from the novel “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” written by Adam Douglas and published in 1979.

Actually, it first appeared in the 6th chapter of the book and was introduced to Arthur Dent, the protagonist, by his friend Ford Prefect.

Basically, it is a tiny leech-like yellow fish that is able to translate any language of the galaxy instantly, hence its name: the Babelfish. How does it work? When the BabelEarz is introduced into one’s ears, it feeds on the energy emitted by the brain and sends out a translation directly back into the wearer’s ears.

In order to translate any message, a universal matrix -an arrangement of numbers into rows and columns- is used to decode any language. The Babelfish would be used as the prototype to create a new ear-bud like device called the BabelEarz. Upsides of this item: As the BabelEarz can translate any language instantly, it would immediately help get rid of all language barriers in the world.

Therefore, this would facilitate communication among different cultures and thus create a more connected world.

This would subsequently lead to smoother negotiations and collaborations among different nations and cultures making the world a more advanced place.

On top of that, the BabelEarz could be used to translate what animals are saying..... »


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