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AMC Study of the movie Captain Fantastic

Publié le 25/05/2023

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« AMC     Study of the movie Captain Fantastic Initial situation/in the forest, into the willd, ideal humanity Heaven Turning point (situation de rupture)Leslie’s death Hell Ben’s family leave the forest Confrontation to the present American society, described as a consumer society far from the values Ben tries to tech his kids. This road movie shows that they do not fit, they’re not socialized (cf Bodevan « I know nothing, I’m a freak ! ») Ben is desocialized because he chose to leave this society he condemned to build his utopic world, to escape capitalism. His children are socialized within their own family, their own world , the world they know, but they have no idea of how the world outside the forest works(ex of the diner, at Ben’s sister’s with the cousins, at the camping site, They don’t have the codes. Ben has homeschooled his children because he rejects the capitalist model of the American society , and he doesn’t want his children to be raised in this society.He wants to give them another model.Isolation.His children escape from other forms of knowlege that are taught at school. Question of the norm. The importance of nature, truth, food (no transformed food, you eat what you hunt), sport, the importance and acceptance of risk (Rell), speech and languages Even if he taught them a lot of things, even if he speaks a lot to them, even if he always tells the truth to them (cf about their mother’s death, about sexual intercourses…) , he has ostracized them . However , the children know a lot of things, put things into perspective, analyse things (cf Lolita), even if we can think that they have a book-based education) Ben hasn’t protected them from several dangers, their environment, they only know their world and a bookish(book-based ) knowledge. They’re not confronted to other people, others kids their age, other teachers. No instances of socialisation : No media No peers No school Only the family            Trailer Interview with Viggo Mortensen At the grocery’s, Bodevan Dinner The making of Study the instances of socialization of the children in Captain Fantastic. In the remote forests of the northwestern United States, living in isolation from society,a devoted father has devoted his entire life to making his six young children extraordinary AMC Study of the movie Captain Fantastic adults.But when fate strikes his family, they must abandon the paradise he has created for them.

The discovery of the outside world will force him to question his methods of education and question everything he has taught them. 1/ Ben and Leslie have left everything behind to raise their children according to their principles, far from the society they consider corrupt.

Describe the main elements of the education that the 6 children receive. Physical Education :- How to kill a game with a knife- Run everywhere- Fighting skills. It shows :- Courage and skill- Resistance and healthHandycraft :- Sewing, gardening, cooking- Know how to skin an animal- Know how to light a fire- Know how to make things It shows :- Skill- Ingenuity- Self-reliance- Cooperation Moral education : - Always tell the truth- Respect the rules It shows :- Honesty- Respect for others Intellectual Education :- Stick to your reading program- Learn only from books- Reflect and discuss your reading It shows :- Organization- Ambition / Elitism- Competitive spirit 2/ The institutions or social groups that participate in the socialization of individuals are called "socialization bodies".

What are the ones that the children of the Cash family lack? The 4 main instances of primary socialization are the family, the school, peer groups and the media.

The children in the film have only family (it's only their parents, not other members of the extended family). 3/ Ben "teaches" his children.

Show that he is effectively transmitting to them elements that are usually transmitted by the teacher.You will show that he does teach them the elements usually taught in school (you will specify which ones). But you will also show that his children escape to other learning that usually takes place at school. Ben transmits essentially school knowledge (literature, history, science, etc.) and partly implicit learning such as the relationship to time, with a very strict schedule, with a very organized agenda, but his children escape other elements such as the internalization of social hierarchies or the hierarchies or the influence of peers. 4/ Explain specifically why isolation in the forest was necessary for Ben and Leslie's project. It was precisely to avoid any influence from society on their children's education.

Thus, they control everything that comes into contact with their children and could influence them. 5/ How does the scene of the encounter at the grocery store illustrate a major drawback of the socialization Bodevan receives? AMC Study of the movie Captain Fantastic Bodevan is unable to interact normally with young people his own age (common topics of conversation), and he has not learned to deal with the turmoil of meeting young.... »


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