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Feyisa Lilesa A struggle for peace and freedom

Publié le 08/05/2023

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« Feyisa Lilesa A struggle for peace and freedom Feyisa Lilesa was born in 1990 in Ethiopia and is a specialist of distance running, especially of marathon.

He has run over 10 marathons in his carrier but his best was in Chicago where he did the best time of his carrier. In Rotterdam, he set the fastest time for a 20 years old athlete. Out of his records, Lilesa has a really good record: he has finished first twice: in 2013 in Poland and in 2016 in Tokyo. Altogether, he has been on the podium 7 times in his carrier. The year we will always remember is 2016: at first because he ran the most important marathon in his carrier, the Olympics games in Rio where he won a great silver medal. But mostly for his brave gesture: at the finish of the race, he clenched his fists over his head, arms crossed, to represent handcuffs.

He then repeated it on the podium. This gesture aimed at supporting the demonstrations in his country, Ethiopia.

Indeed, Oromos, his ethnic group, are the most present people in this country.

Since a long time, they struggle for their independence by opposing their government. And in 2016, Oromos were still imprisoned and killed by the government, which wanted to take their land, essential for many of them.

The handcuffs therefore symbolized the impossibility to voice for this people. His gesture was shared all around the world.... »


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