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Publié le 29/01/2024

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« on may 11, 1945, the second world war came to an end in europe, which remained at peace for almost 80 years thanks to the creation of the nuclear bomb and the nuclear disruption that followed.

This time of peace came to an abrupt end in February 2022 with the outbreak of war in Ukraine.

This text was written By Constant Méheut and Daria Mitiuk and published the 3 january 2024 in the new york times since the beginning of the war in ukraine, telemarathon has been created and is the only source of information accessible since then.

it shows the forces of the ukrainian army and their leaders while bragging about fighting against "russian disinformation". This program is produced and broadcast 24/24 on the country's biggest channels, but if at the beginning its broadcast seemed essential, today it is ridiculed, as the inhabitants consider it to be a mouthpiece for the government. the telemarathon shows a heroic aspect of the war and does not prepare the population for a long war. the program is made in collaboration with 6 ukrainian channels which represented 60% of the audience before the war began.

it was created by presidential decree and is 40% financed by the government. we don't know to what extent the Ukrainian government is involved in the telemarathon, but we do know that the Ukrainian information minister regularly took part in meetings to program the channel.

suspicions have increased further since several political opponents of president volodimir zeleznsky were prevented from taking part in the show. at the beginning of the war, the majority of Ukrainians found the broadcast vital for knowing the progress of Russian troops and where to take shelter in case of attack the show kept many people sane during the war by broadcasting president zelensky's inspiring messages, and the channel's audience represented 40% of the total audience at the time. but since the end of 2022, the channel's audience has fallen to 10% of the total..... »


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