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Essay sur la situation social en Guadeloupe

Publié le 12/04/2022

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« « How can you explain the social situation in Guadeloupe ?» A peaceful strike has begun, the Monday 15th November 2021 , at first the main claim was the withdrawal of “the health pass” but a few days ago this movement was associated with violent nocturnal acts and the claims took several other points wanCng to answer all the Guadeloupean problems.

How can you explain the social situaCon in Guadeloupe ? The applicaCon of the sanitary pass was the last straw that overflowed the anger of the populaCon.

Indeed, the health crisis has only deepened the social problems of Guadeloupe. ALer a few months of sanitary restricCon , the announcement of suspensions of caregivers woke up the tension . Then again , there has been a health mistrust, since the Chlordecone scandal that will poison the health of Guadeloupeans forseven more centuries .

In addiCon, the island feels neglected by the public authoriCes, for example access to water is not guaranteed every day, and it feels like the government abandoned the CHU unCl it caught fire in 2016 . In Guadeloupe, with almost a third of the populaCon living below the poverty line and one third of the youth people has no job, life is expensive, some prices are up to twice as expensive as in hexagon. To summarize , the current social crisis that has paralyzed Guadeloupe for a few weeks reflects a fed up with the many social problems accumulated .

Are all these social problems representaCve of state incompetence?. »


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