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Publié le 03/06/2024

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« To what extent is the United Kingdom still a colonial empire? Plan : intro : avant, l’un des plus grands empires, montrer une carte, queen elizabeth I I - no, countries are now independent examples : II but, the commonwealth still imposes power, its authority over … IMPERIALISM commonwealth and relations between the countries examples : australia that wants to leave the commonwealth 1) Heritage of population: historical héritage (héritage colonial y’a tjs un esprit colonial) 2) Commonwealth, political order 3) A nation still dominating regions of the world encore bcp cet esprit colonisateur au uk _Kingdom -objets-d-art-voles_1815586/ a-premiere-restitution-dobjets-darts-a-linde/ assant-patrimoine-britannique -pour-la-restitution-ou-non-des-frises-du-parthenon-est-un-cas-d-ecole_6097538_3232.html 1ere partie avec maintenant, plus un empire colonial mais toujours des traces : relations avec les pays du commonwealth ● Introduction From the late 16th, The British Empire started to print its influence on the world, at first through overseas possessions and trading posts and then the empire came to be known as the largest empire in history. Challenged by new reflexions on the shadowy areas of British colonization, like for example the current debate about the restitution of art pieces that were taken by the colonizers from their country of origin, the United Kingdom is going through a memorial crisis around its imperial past, which it has never really stopped revering. This is why we can wonder : To what extent is the United Kingdom still a colonial empire? The British empire was officially dissolved but some traces remain, because of the historical heritage of the population, the creation of the commonwealth and its current domination over some other nations of the world. THESIS ● I By the turn of 20th century, the biggest empire: « the empire on which the sun never sets » had ruled over 10 million square miles and 400 million population but it considerably disintegrated all along the 20th century.

WW1 and WW2 consequences on the British economy mainly participated in the disintegration of the empire.

Both wars left Britain economically devastated and less interested in its empire.

Moreover, new nationalists movements such as in India with Gandhi who implemented a non violent civil disobedience movement contributed to that wave of decolonization and surge of independence.

The first country to gain its independence was India known as “the jewel of the crown” in 1947, India opened the path to other colonies following their lead.

The process of decolonization was then joined in Africa by Egypt, Nigeria, Zanzibar, Uganda, Kenya etc which during the 60s claimed their independence.

In the Pacific, the island Tonga and Fiji in 1970 were autonomous.

Hong Kong is registered as the last country that the UK had under its rule, but they didn’t become independent but were just relegated to China.

The Hong Kong transfer marked the end of the colonial empire, or what they say so… ● II Historical heritage Furthermore, spirits are immortal and embody ideas as well as individuals.

Indeed, the British Empire's accomplishments led its country to a colonial mindset that may never be forgotten, even if efforts from new spirits are being made to kill the spirit of the British Empire. The British Empire which acquired a lot of territories between the 18th and 20th centuries making it the largest empire in history, justified its colonialism by saying the colonists believed that their way was superior and that it was their God-given duty to impose it on natives.

But it is a way of thinking that still remains nowadays. In fact, Statistics given by the newspaper The Guardian say that a third of people in the UK believe Britain’s colonies were better off for being part of an empire.

It also says that people over 64 yo are more likely to be proud of the empire than those aged around 18-24 and that this may be linked to an improved teaching as a change appeared through generations. It is also after the Brext that the UK is willing to find a new way in the international order.

A large number of supporting- voters for Brexit are pro-empire and the conservative party sees Brexit as a moment for the empire to strike back. Finally, other countries such as Germany and Belgium are not likely to be proud of their colonial past, unlike the.... »


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