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Publié le 24/03/2024

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« ECRICOME ESSAY: WHY IS SPORT NOT JUST A GAME? The first Olympic Games took place in -776 before Christ in Athene, it was a moment of truce between the ci?es.

Sport was vital then for the geographic stability between the Greece’s na?ons and today it as not change. How sport is the playground for diplomacy? Since the crea?on of the Olympic games, sport is the opportunity for country to meet, to enjoy a brief truce.

Sport is the cover of the greatest alliance of all ?me.

Every win, every word and every move have a hiding meaning in a place where diplomacy is the other word for spying.

Because a place where dignitaries of each country come to see their team play will cause mee?ng between the different dignitaries which is a unique moment to speak face to face without the e?queMe burden that an official mee?ng have.

And the bigs sport events is only possible because of their need.

It’s the opportunity for the important people of this world to act unofficially, and the sport himself is secondary, it’s only to feed the people as the roman used to, bread and games to keep the people under control. How sport is a leverage for a cause? Chaos isn’t a pit, chaos is ladder, and for the athlete a race is nothing other than chaos, chaos in their suffering body, chaos in their extraordinary lives but a chaos that makes them famous.

But some? mes sport isn’t the only chao?c event, the terrorist aMack of 9/11 was one to, and athletes have ridden this wave of chaos.

One of them is Pat Tillman, aUer the fall of the.... »


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