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In the Ghetto by Elvis Presley Slide 2 (video)

Publié le 29/10/2023

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« In the Ghetto by Elvis Presley Slide 2 (video) : In the Ghetto is a major hit song recorded by Elvis Presley and released in 1969 on the album “From Elvis in Memphis” which is Presley's comeback album.

Moreover, the song was written by Mac Davis and produced by Chips Moman and It ranked 3rd in sales in the United States at the time. Slide 3 : First, we’re gonna learn more about Elvis Presley and Mac Davis, then the meaning of the lyrics and finally the story of a vicious circle to which Presley and Davis equate their childhood. Slide 4 : Born on the 8th of January 1935, Elvis Aaron Presley, aka “The King of Rock and Roll” for its great international success and for its role in the expansion of this musical style on a global scale, was an American singer and actor regarded as one of the most significant cultural figures all around the world of the 20th century.

He also has been a sergeant in the US Army.

He died in 1977 at 42 because of a cardiac arrest. Mac Davis was an American country music singer, songwriter, and actor born on the 21st of January 1942.

During his early career he wrote extensively for Elvis Presley creating his greatest hits including “in the ghetto”.

He enjoyed success as a crossover artist and died 3y ago on the 29th of september. Slide 5 : The song is composed of 8 verse : 1/2= A child born in the ghetto, his mom will have a hard time trying to take care of 3= Have to help this kid or he’ll grow up to be an enemy but people are ignorant and don't want to get involved 4=Most of people just turn but he’s sick and hungry 5=The boy’s starting to grow to be an enemy 6=the climax, he dies trying to get the heck out of the ghetto 7=crowd watches him dead 8=as he dies another mom has a baby and the process starts all over again, this is the “Vicious Circle” which Davis alluded to in his original title. So as you understood, this song is about poverty, describing a child who can't overcome his surroundings, a ghetto (which is a very poor area of a city, where people of a particular race or religion live closely together and apart from other.... »


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