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Awareness campaign Video

Publié le 15/06/2022

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« Awareness campaign Video -Speech on the place of the social media in the politics landscape Today, a presence on social networks is essential for politicians.

But beyond regular interactions with their subscribers, these platforms above all offer them the possibility of broadcasting targeted political advertisements: Twitter has decided to ban them but not Facebook. Twitter and Facebook have become essential platforms for politicians to disseminate their messages.


In the United States, President Donald Trump uses Twitter to make announcements every day.

He is also the largest consumer of political advertising on Facebook.

However, Facebook does not intend to "limit freedom of expression" by continuing to allow political advertising.

There is also no question for the largest social network in the world to verify whether or not these advertisements contain false information.

For its part, Twitter decided in November to ban political ads, believing that these types of messages should not be « bought". Jack Dorsey has announced a worldwide ban on the promotion of political content on Twitter, arguing that the reach of political messages should be earned and not tied to advertising investment. He said it was a question of the credibility of social networks because it makes no sense to prevent users from spreading false information and allow those who pay for political ads to say what they want. (Only news publishers can run ads that refer to political content and if they don't include advocacy for or against those topics). -Agree with Twitter to ban the political ads I agree with the Twitter initiative.

Politics invests too much in social networks and influences the different votes during political campaigns we can speak of manipulation of public opinion indeed during the Brexit vote, social networks had a big role in the votes, people very followed on this kind of networks can have a very strong influence in the votes indeed we can take the case of Donald Trump in 2016 where Twitter helped him very strongly during the elections -Disagree with Twitter to ban the political ads I don't agree with the ban put in place by Twitter.

There is no problem with having political advertisements on social networks. If you consider that politics has the right to advertise, it uses all the strategies and marketing tools at its disposal. Politicians do what most big brands do every day.. »


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