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« 1G8 COURS GIVE YOUR OPINION ON THE VIDEO OF THE TRAILER 'WALLS' link video : The document is the trailer of the film ‘walls”.

I think this trailer is shocking because we can see a guard shooting a migrant.

Millions of immigrants try to cross the border every year and their life is like a surviving game.

We can imagine their harsh/difficult/awful living conditions. Unit 2 : WALLS APART Question : How are walls used to keep us apart ? Final task : Present a wall Doc 1 : The Baby wall Thursday, 1st October 2020 To the other side On the picture we can see a giant/enormous/huge black and white baby climbing a wall. Perhaps the scene takes place at the frontier between Mexico and the U.S.A. In fact the place seems very dry (like in a desert).

Besides, we can notice slums (=bidonville) in the background, so maybe poor immigrants want to/hope to cross the border. The baby can represent people who want to cross the frontier.

We can assume that the soldier is guarding the wall. The baby is peeking/is spying to see the other side.

A baby is innocent and peaceful therefore the artist wants to represent immigrants as innocent people. VOC : perhaps = maybe Besides = Entre autre slums =bidonvilles peeking = regarder furtivement therefore = donc… Wednesday, 7th October DOC :2 The Hadrian’s Wall vs The Game of Thrones wall (=GOT wall) DOC 3 : Text ‘Hadrian Wall as a source of inspiration’ One wall inspired by another (BOOK P.15) The Hadrian ’s Wall was built in 122 AD to defend the Romans from the Picts.

On the picture we can see the remains/ the ruins of the wall.

George R.


Martin was inspired by this wall during a trip in England and imagined the wall in G.


T. The Hadrian wall is made of stone whereas the GOT wall is made of ice.

Martin’s wall is 3 times longer and much more higher. The “wildlings” in his books may be inspired by the Picts who were a people of northern Scotland VOC Remains = vestiges Whereas = while = alors que... Huge = gigantic = enormous Fictional = fictif Grammar (rappel) Pour la comparaison : adj court : on ajoute "er" à l'adj + than He is taller than me. adj long : on ajoute more +adj +than The GOT wall is more impressive than the Hadrian wall Friday, 9th October The history of the Mexican/US border Picture p.16 On the picture we can see a huge contrast between the US border and the Mexican border.

On the right there is a lot of buildings and traffic whereas on the left there are only fields. (It’s a desert). DOC 4 : LINK Video => In this historical documentary we learn that the two countries have many conflicts because of culture, geography, religion, economy.

Moreover there is no natural border. In 1916 after the Mexican revolution the border remained wide open.

There were just some monuments to mark the territory. Then, in 2001 after the terrorist attack the government decided to reinforce the policy of immigration.

The fear of the other increased after this event.Donald Trump promised to build a larger wall. Every year thousands of immigrants illegally try to cross the frontier. VOC : wide open = grand ouvert Policy = politique DOC 5 : Text p.

16 It’s a long road to the “Land of Milk and Honey”, p.

16 Read the text in your textbook and answer the questions. a.

Identify the characters.

Make a supposition about where they are from and where they are going. Pour savoir qui sont les personnages, lisez attentivement les dialogues et notez les prénoms. Arturo is the father, Maribel is the daughter and the narrator is the mother.

They might come from Mexico or another country in South America.

They are heading towards Delaware b.

Pick out the passages that show Alma (the narrator) had hope coming to the US. good food / smile / laugh / be well. c.

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