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V for Vendetta

Publié le 17/05/2024

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« English homework on V for Vendetta 1) What is the significance of the Guy Fawkes mask in the film? In the film “V for Vendetta” the mask of Guy Fawkes has a deep meaning.

Indeed, it represents rebellion against a tyrannical government who oppresses its population by limiting their freedom and manipulating them into thinking this is legitim.

Guy Fawkes is a reference to an historical character who intended in 1605 to blow up the British parliament, which is exactly how the movie ends: with Every triggering the explosion of the English parliament.

The mask shows the deep involvement of the character who opposes himself against an unfair society blinded by their governor.

It is merely the symbol of their battle. 2) Analyze the character of V.

What motivates him, and how does he embody the theme of rebellion? We can see from the beginning of the story that this motivation is fueled by his will of vengeance and freedom.

Now, this need of vengeance against the society comes from the traumatic events he faced back in the Larkhill resettlement camp, where he definitely wasn’t treated like a human-being, but more like a slave, a burden and a threat to the well-being of society.

He lost his identity and had to become someone else, someone he didn’t even know, and that’s when he knew this regime had to disappear.

Moreover, it isn’t only about him and what he went through all these years, but also about human rights and liberties.

He felt the need to fight for them, to make them exist.

Without freedom, our life loses all of its senses.

And he knows that the only way to crumble this government into pieces is to destroy them, jeopardize their lives and trigger chaos. 3) Discuss the role of propaganda in the society depicted in the film.

How does it influence the citizens? The role of propaganda in this society has a preponderant place since it is the first tool used to manipulate citizens' thoughts and actions, in order to indoctrinate their ideology.

Indeed, every single newsflash, newspaper we saw in the movie distorted reality, which makes it incredibly difficult for individuals to know what’s false or not.

Furthermore, the control they have of all of the information diffused is troubling, because we couldn’t see one person, except V, revolting against their authority, which means they shut down every opinion that could disturb citizens’ belief in the government. Because of propaganda, citizens’ view of reality is shaped and biased by the government’s ideology.

They control every behavior thanks to the cult of personality, which creates an obedience, a compliance but also a form of unity because everyone has the same belief, behavior and values.

Nevertheless, it still makes them puppets, who can’t even choose who they are, or who they want to be. 4) Explore the parallels between the film's dystopian world and current societal issues. We can obviously compare this dystopian movie with the authoritarian.... »