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Publié le 07/06/2023

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« News of the week Intro Good afternoon everyone, today I am going to tell you about the landing of Starship that happened 4 days ago. What is Starship? To begin with, Starship is a fully reusable spaceship developed by SpaceX, the company of Elon Musk.It is the world’s biggest and most powerful spaceship ever developed, it is 120 meters long and 9 meters large. The Starship is composed of two parts: the spaceship itself and the Super Heavy rocket. The spaceship is about 50 meters long and can accommodate up to 100 passengers, making it the largest and most habitable spaceship.

It is designed to be able to land on planetary surfaces like the Moon or Mars. The Super Heavy is a giant rocket that stands about 70 meters tall and is equipped with 33 Raptor engines.

This new launcher will have the particularity of being fully reusable and could play a central role in the company's ambitions for the colonization of Mars. The goal of Starhsip This spaceship will be able to perform many missions such as : - Launching satellites - Transporting resources to the ISS, the Moon or Mars - Transporting more than 100 people to colonize the Moon and Mars - Travel on Earth much faster from one country to another. All this at a lower cost than other ships thanks to the reuse of Starship. The launch SpaceX's Starship rocket took off for the first time on Thursday, April 20, 2023, at 9:30 a.m.

The launch took place at SpaceX's Starbase in Texas. Nevertheless, three minutes after liftoff, the rocket exploded in flight.

Indeed, this first attempt predicted that the.... »