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Publié le 08/11/2023

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« New technologies have always been developed and evolved a lot in recent years. Few years back, technology was considered to be a luxury items but today, it is common. Now, if people are not connected, they are considered as "dropouts". New technologies are the fastest and deeply moving innovation in the world.

Today few populations have no access to the new technologies and they are essentially in Africa and Asia.

Of the 7.7 billion people on Earth in 2019, 5.1 billion own a cell phone and 4.4 billion use the Internet. In consequence, there are benefits and disadvantages in all aspects and in daily life of course, such as in education. So Is technology a boon or a bane for education? It’s an important debate. At first sight you can see that technology is a boon even in education.

Technology can be a sacredness because first, with technologies children have access immediately to a lot of news to complete the lesson .

Thanks to technology, students can learn more and become interested in or subjects not seen in class.

For me, online lessons are a good way to improve.

They are free to student to research what they are interested in.

This increase their general knowledge very easily, while before it was necessary to read books to search such things.

For instance, by just seeing a movie, the child can learn new things like how to live in a foreign country, customs. Thanks to the new technologies people can also speak with foreigners and it is a good way to improve their language's skills. Virtual learning provide access to new educational programs and new ways of teaching such as virtual games.

So thanks to technology, teaching can be attractive and children can more easily have fun while learning.

It can also be easier for teachers to show a video to their students and it is more illustrative and attractive. Technology makes it easier to work in groups on a shared document. In recent years, with the covid-19, technology has been an advantage because we were able to have classes thanks to video conferencing. Technology is a good way also for people who have (learning) difficulties, like people who are not able to write, thanks to computers they can type the lesson. At the same time, technology is not totally a boon because there are also damaging characteristics.

For me, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons, there are disadvantages and the technology can be seen as a bane. In fact, technology creates inequalities in the school because all schoolchildren do not have a.... »