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Publié le 24/03/2024

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« What Students Are Saying About Banning Books From School Libraries The New York Times, 18th February 2022 1) “I think the idea of people trying to censor speech is absolutely abhorrent.

Right to freedom of speech, religion, peaceful assembly, petition, and press is our 1st amendment… As a teenager I am still trying to find my way in this world; I want to know as many other viewpoints as possible.

These books should be allowed in libraries.

Families can decide what books are allowed in their homes but trying to force a community to get rid of1 a book is a way of forcing one’s beliefs on an entire community.

Removing books about issues faced by marginalized groups is a way to ignore them, a way to minimize the issues faced by those.

This is a democracy that should be open to discussion and if it is then people will find others who agree and disagree with them.” — Jason, Maine 2) If the definition of a book ban is that a library doesn’t have the book in its catalog, then 99.9% of all books would effectively be banned.

Libraries and bookstores curate what they want to highlight, so it only makes sense that parents would be involved in making selections that reflect their school communities’ values.

Ingrid, Michigan 3) “I think there are certainly better ways for concerned parents to be placated2 without going as far as banning books in school libraries.

They could work to establish systems that flag3 books that could contain or do contain “sensitive” topics.

Then only with parental permission could a student check out a flagged book.” Arrionna, Michigan 4) “In my opinion, the only things that should be considered inappropriate for a school library are books that teach to be racist, be hateful, and to make fun of others.

Any book that tries to spread a negative message should be banned, but books that educate students on how life used to be in the past, or how it is currently for people should not be banned because it helps the kids to get a better understanding of the situation.”— Ray, California 5) When you look at the top 10 books that have actually been removed from school libraries, they all contain sexually explicit passages.

Children under the age of 13 (and possibly under the age of 17) would certainly not be.... »