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Gotham's sigma grindset

Publié le 06/03/2022

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« I am going to present Gotham, anti-hero character from the series "Gotham's sigma Grindset » . Firstly, we don't actually know where Gotham was born, or where he comes from, or whether Gotham is his real name or just a nickname.

We just know that the name refers to the fictional American crime city.

He had a very difficult and dark childhood.

He went through hell as a : child.Coming from a poor family and living in a shabby flat.

The father abused all the family members, including the mother, and Gotham was hated by his parents.

He had a hatred that was born little by little from his childhood, especially as he had no friends, did not go to school and lived in poverty.

One day Gotham went with his father to work in a rubbish factory, he was bored and made a joke to his father's boss.

The boss had a temper and could fire workers for the slightest mistake.

He didn't like what Gotham did to him and fired her and her father from the factory.

The angry father left the factory, went to a dark and deserted corner of the street with his son and decided to punish him in a terrible way.

He took an electric cable lying next to the garbage and whipped Gotham, wanting to kill him.

He hated Gotham.

But Gotham had by this time built up an unimaginable hatred for his father and decided not to let it happen.

He found a piece of blade on the ground and stabbed his father in the heart.

He unconsciously killed his father at the age of 12.

From that moment on, nothing could impact Gotham emotionally, he became empty and heartless. Gotham grew up and is now 20 years old, but he is still the same: cold-eyed, emotionless, and empty inside.

But some time ago he decided to take matters into his own hands.

His mother was diagnosed with a serious illness and only a very expensive treatment could cure her.

As for his sister, she needed a large sum of money to enrol in a law university.

Gotham wanted to provide for his family, as it was the only thing left to do in this world.

So Gotham met a man, an outlaw called Fortaleza, who meticulously planned robberies to earn large amounts of money.

He explained his plans to Gotham, and wanted to convince him, because Gotham could become a very important member of his team.

Gotham had nothing to lose and joined the robbery team.

Fortaleza was the mastermind of the group and cannott participate in the robbery, so he’s always staying behind.

He appointed Gotham as the captain of the group, as he is the most emotionally stable and leader-like and can control the situation if it gets out of hand.

But as the months went by, while the plan was being prepared, Gotham began to develop a new personality.

He is disliked by all the members of the group, except Fortaleza, because Gotham was misogynistic, narcissistic and a bit of a psychopath, but he is still the most charismatic of his team.

The time came for the first robbery and Fortaleza's plan worked perfectly, thanks in part to Gotham leading the operation, despite some disagreements between him and his team, who still didn't like him.

He managed to manipulate them to carry out Fortaleza's plan and was the only one laughing and having fun during the robbery.

Even though he is hated and despite his character, without him the bank robbery would not succeed.

The robbery ended and he managed to escape with his team with a huge amount of money.

Gotham was able to support his family even though he was in the illegal business, especially as he enjoyed the robberies, whether he was liked or not.

This is how Gotham became a male sigma, and the murder of his father was an important element in his sigma grindset.

Over the years, he continued to pull off heists as a charismatic captain alongside Fortaleza, who was his only and best friend and considered his brother. RépondreTransférer. »