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a holistic approach of solving problem

Publié le 17/12/2023

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« A HOLISTIC APPROACH TO PROBLEM SOLVING STARTS WITH PEOPLE L’HISTOIRE PARLE ET DIT DES CHOSES CONCRETES People are the heart of every complex human-system, but they’re often the most overlooked. Effective problem solvers today know how to visualize the larger dynamics of the system while staying grounded in the needs of people. However, it also accepts that domestic factors can also affect the state’s ability to pursue its desired goals.

In line with this assumption, investigating changes at both international and domestic levels would provide a more comprehensive understanding of why Turkey pursued an activist grand strategy in the post-Cold war era, and why the country experienced the zenith of this activism abroad under the JDP rule This thesis attempts to explain the origin of state behavior in international politics. Attempting to engage an adversary, much less change its behavior, without understanding the underlying motivations is tantamount to treating symptoms instead of the actual disease.

In such a situation, any benefit derived is most likely accidental and undoubtedly tactical while strategically the situation remains the same or actually compounded by a misinformed diagnosis and an ill-advised remedy. While US differences with the Iranian regime on any number of issues are substantial enough, there has been a tendency to exacerbate the problem by misdiagnosing Iran’s foreign policy motivations because of the regime’s distracting rhetoric.

The United States often presumes ideological drivers when, in fact, the Islamic Republic’s behavior has been consistent with a realist worldview that prioritizes material interests, security and power, not ideology. US misperceptions of Iran as an ideologically driven, irrational state have steered Washington.... »